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Everything I Know as a CEO, I Learned as a Waitress
by Carolyn J. Gable
autographed edition, $15.95 *
112 pages, published by It's All Good Publishing
ISBN (USA) 10: 0-9793375-0-X
ISBN (international) 13: 978-0-9793375-0-5

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A major storm damaged the restaurant where Carolyn Gable waited tables, leaving her temporarily unemployed. The journey that resulted from this storm led her to the top of her own $28 million corporation. Carolyn grew her business while raising seven children as a single mother. She has since appeared in dozens of media outlets showcasing her personal story and her innovative business strategies.

Carolyn Gable believes good service earns a good tip. From this basic idea, she outlines 12 principles that took her to the top and can revolutionize any business plan, from the home office to the billion dollar corporation. Carolyn believes these principles resulted in the consistent 15% annual growth rate of her corporation since 1999.

Carolyn Gable is a dynamic, determined entrepreneur who wants to share her success with other women and men who are looking for more than a quick sell. She offers 12 basic principles of customer service that she learned when working as a waitress.

Everything I Know as a CEO, I Learned as a Waitress offers stories and tips that inspire, and it teaches readers to find opportunities to help others as they lead their businesses. This book guides people from the simple principles of customer service to the top of a cutting-edge corporation that is changing the spirit of entrepreneurial business.

The book is a balanced combination of specific, practical principles, inspirational writing, and narrative. It's 112 pages are short enough to read on a train ride or in a car pool to work, but packed with powerful thoughts and principles that spark "a-ha" moments. The principle that "good service earns a good tip" drives this book. It offers a perspective that places people over profits, yet ultimately boosts revenue for a service-oriented business.

* Half of all profits from the sale of this book will go to the "Expect a Miracle" Foundation.

"The greatest glory is not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall."

- Carolyn J. Gable