Reconnection & Wellness

Carolyn Gable Retreats

Are you feeling disconnected, out of harmony with yourself, those who matter in your life, with the universe itself? Join Carolyn on a journey to re-center your thoughts to get you on the path to discover your own highest nature. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a personal retreat.

Carolyn’s personal retreat is an opportunity to temporarily leave behind the usual distractions of daily life long enough to allow for an inner change to occur. It is the conversion of heart that is critical to deepening your connection to the universe and even to deepening your faith, if that is your desire.

Every aspect of your retreat will allow you to go into a deeper part of yourself. Carolyn will offer guided spiritual practices and peace-giving activities.

Discovering Solitude

Discovering the solitude vital to a successful retreat experience is not always easy. In company and in concert with your fellow participants, Carolyn will help you to establish a safe space, set a schedule and establish flexible goals, so your mind will rest and open up. Her lessons are rich with insight and humor, always focused on some aspect of spiritual living, so class discussions are lively and meaningful.

Carolyn’s desire for you on this journey is that you:

1. Connect to your inner self

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to find time for ourselves. On retreat, you are committing to concentrating solely on you, your thoughts, and your spiritual being. You will practice being more present and able to receive what the experience has to offer.

2. Bring Inner Peace into your life

If you find yourself being worn down by stress in your life, this retreat is an excellent opportunity to learn from Carolyn and those teachers who have influenced her own journey to self-awareness. You’ll be exposed to teachings that will help you make sense of your every thought and realign each one in a positive and peaceful direction. You’ll will leave with the tools to put those lessons into practice, whether through prayer, contemplative meditation, or active meditation.

3. Discover spirits of kinship

You are not alone in this experience. You are surrounded by truth-seekers who are there to overcome challenging inner conflicts, just like you. Carolyn will help you to feel comfortable exploring your deeper side with others, really learn from their journeys and exchange constructive feedback. Overall, it’s this feeling of unity- that you are all working to create a more connected and peaceful life together- that offers you the chance to build relationships that may last a lifetime.

4. Become a flame that ignites a peaceful light in others

When the retreat is over…it’s not over! Once you return to the real world…how can you maintain the new-found clarity and inner peace of your soul?  Carolyn will help you set concrete resolutions, be it as simple as keeping a gratitude calendar, or offering thanks or compliments every day. The people around you will take notice of your deepened spiritual growth, they may even be touched by your personal pay-it-forward attitude and derive their own spiritual reward.

Reconnection & Wellness

Enliven Your Soul

It is Carolyn’s belief that the soul enlivens all of our life. Her retreat is an opportunity to bathe in peace, to come home to your soul, to feel inspired and spiritually renewed. It is her hope that you will find more energy, enthusiasm, and love to share in all aspects of your life through this experience.

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